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There are three kinds of people in Monster Gulch: those who become scavengers, those who become bandits, and those who become friends with sparkly vampires. Dodger is, apparently, all three.

Something bad has happened. The gates to hell have opened, and there are monsters everywhere. Nowhere is safe, so to survive, you have to have flexible morals, a strong stomach for violence (and rotten food), and a certain ability to just roll with whatever life throws your way. Dodger has mastered the thrid aspect to the point of fitting in amongst the monsters a little too well sometimes. If something has to be done, it has to be done.

At this point, Dodger is pre-canon. She hasn't met up with Mark and Dave yet, or any devilishly handsome sparkling vampires. She's on her own in the post-apocalyptic hellscape.


Dodger is from the Resident Enis series, and appears here for entertainment purposes only.


Mun is Zed on the Discord server. PM there, or on this journal to contact.
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